The videos are of one of the Sunday Services at Unity Center of the Heights.  The Sunday Service is created in three parts:
1. The Music - The music performed before the message, which is intended to set the atmosphere and establish
    the premise for the Message.
2. The Message - The lesson by Rev. Tony by Rev. Hank Roth, or by a guest speaker is presented in conjunction with the Music.
3. The Meditation - A Meditation designed to deepen the experience of the Message followed by a musical
     selection that melodically restates the premise of the Message.

                                    We trust you will enjoy and be inspired by the service.

Charles still lives in our hearts. The lessons he taught us in his final days will remain beyond our days. Charles’ demonstration of his experience with the impending death of his body was one that inspired all who came into his presence, including you, through this video.

It’s with great pleasure that we bring you this video of a service where Charles shared his thoughts and feelings, as well as answered questions about death. At the time, Charles had only three months until his transition. We trust you will find the service as inspiring as all of us who were there or have viewed this video.