Ted and his wife Jody work as a team, traveling around the world, seeking and locating people whose lives have been transformed by mystical, religious or spiritual pursuit. Thus far, they have recorded more than a hundred and twenty interviews and many of them can be viewed on Vimeo/souljourns (link below).

As you will soon see, Rev. Tony has an amazing background. He roamed all the interesting corridors of life ending up choosing perhaps the most challenging spiritual path of the day. It's the path of "A Course In Miracles," a revolutionary study guide that takes you to what Tony describes as "the deep end of the (metaphysical) pool."

New to this book? You won't be for long as you listen to the clarity of Tony Senf's manner of bringing the intense spiritual lessons of this curriculum to life. The Course combines the essence of Eastern spirituality (Hinduism and Buddhism) with Christianity and new thought.

Rev. Senf is the spiritual director of Unity Center of The Heights in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Most of us in Cleveland remember Ted Henry as our local news anchor.  Some may recall that Ted presented a weekly news report on spirituality called, "Heart and Soul."  But relatively few are aware of Ted's passion for his spiritual path or his dedication to promoting spiritual awareness.

Among these interviews is one with our own Rev. Tony.  Below is the commentary Ted posted about the interview.  You can view the interview right here below.  However, if you do, we highly recommend clicking on "vimeo" at the bottom of the video window when you've finished, or click the link below, which will take you to Vimeo/souljourns where you can learn about Ted, Jody and their work.  You will also want to view the other interviews, which you will find fascinating as well as informative..