2017 Weekend Schedule

March 03-04-05 – May 19-20-21

September 15-16-17

Friday – 6:00 - 9:30 pm

Saturday – 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Sunday – 1:00 - 8:00 pm

Out of the Matrix is a program that simply teaches people how to be happy.  Oddly enough, most people are not happy, and those that are want to be happier more often.  That’s what is taught in the OM program, and those who have taken the weekend workshop report that they:

        1. Have fewer upsets
        2. Don’t get as upset
        3. Return to their happiness much more quickly
        4. Are no longer upset by some things.

Out of the MATRIX is a program for absolutely everyone.  Young and old, male and female, business professionals, management, working force, parents, and students...all have applied the Out of the MATRIX technology to their lives and have begun producing a life they love.

The Oracle responded: "The mind is bound by the subconscious. Even though it is "sub" and out of your awareness, it still has a dramatically profound effect on your life. You must learn how the subconscious operates, and how to empty it. Through that process, your mind is freed. You then become a conscious choice responder rather than a subconscious choice reactor."

All of this and much more is taught in the Out of the Matrix weekend.   Isn't it time you gave yourself this gift?

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Rev. Tony

Chris Lauretig

Someone asked...
"How do you free the mind"?

The Out of the MATRIX process has universal application. The results are the same, regardless of age, whether it is a class of young adults or adults.  We learn to get Out of the "MATRIX" of the pain, guilt and fear we thought was our life, and begin to live a life with peace of mind, love, joy, a sense of self-worth, and a sense of acceptance.  We get our POWER back and begin to live a life that we love.

One day in December of 2008, Chris Lauretig, a Special Education teacher at an alternative high school designed to serve “At Risk” students (those that had failing grades, lack of attendance and disciplinary issues in their residential high school), asked Rev. Tony Senf to speak to his class of Emotionally Disturbed teens about the principles he teaches in his classes and workshops. The school often brought in guest speakers for the students. This time, the session was so powerful that the students wanted Tony to return the following week. Attendance was voluntary. This went on for the remainder of the school year one week at a time, and out of these sessions the Out of the MATRIX (OM) process was born.


Since then, OM has been formatted as a weekend workshop and  taught in a number of cities in various states.