Unity Center is dedicated to bringing you classes and workshops that reflect the highest understanding of the Universal Truth Principles we ascribe to.  If you have any suggestions for classes, workshops, speakers or events, please ContactUs.  Thank you for your support.

Choir Rehearsal

Check the Calendar for rehearsal dates.

Time of rehearsals is 7:00 – 8:30 PM


Ever catch yourself singing in the shower? Do you privately use your hairbrush as a microphone? Have you recently burst into song for no apparent reason? Are you looking for a new way to pray?

Then join the Perfect Choir of God!  The only audition you need is between you and the Holy Spirit.  If you're interested, see Music Minister Kathy Sullivan after service, or call her at 216-544-1249.  You'll be glad you did!

ACIM Study Group - This is a group open to everyone and geared for those who are very dedicated to their spiritual growth and are willing to take total responsibility for their lives.  The class is facilitated by Rev. Tony, who has been studying A Course In Miracles since 1983.  His unique, energetic and somewhat humorous teaching style enhances his ability to convey the seemingly complicated teachings of A Course In Miracles in a very simple, understandable way. The responses and participation of those who have attended Rev. Tony’s classes has been nothing short of enthusiastic.  For more information go to our page for the Course.

Special Classes and Workshops


Most of the Special Classes and Workshops are held on Thursday nights at Unity Center.  We also conduct some of our Classes and Workshops on Saturday when it suits best.  Be sure to check the Homepage and the Calendar to find more details about each Class or Workshop.

w/Rev. Tony Senf & Chris Lauretig

EVERY MONDAY  6:00 ~ 7:30 pm

Unity Center of the Heights has a number of ongoing classes to support almost everyone in some aspect of their

spiritual journey and their lives.  Check the list below and come back often, as we are always looking for new ways to serve you.

An open discussion of the events that impact our lives each and every day, their role in getting us "Out of the Matrix" and the attainment of peace, love and joy. Open to all who have taken the Out of the Matrix weekend.
Facilitated by Oracles Rev. Tony Senf & Chris Lauretig.
If you know someone who is interested in finding out more about the weekend, let us know in advance & we'll give them an introduction to Out of the Matrix during this time period.

A Course In Miracles

Study Group

w/ Rev. Tony Senf

EVERY TUESDAY     7:00 ~ 8:30 pm