Mr. Bruce Jennings,

Music Director

Music is of such prime importance that Rev. Tony bases the Sunday morning message on the music, not the other way around, most of the time.  The Sunday lesson, the meditation and the song that brings everyone out of meditation, all carry the same message.  Music opens the heart and makes way for the Truth of the message to enter so that the Truth can more easily be remembered and lived.

The music ranges from choral to gospel, show music to country western, jazz to rock-n-roll and more.  But whatever the style may be, it's guaranteed to open your heart, deliver a  great metaphysical message and give you something to take with you

Unity Center has become known for its special musical events. Rickey Byers-Beckwith, Steve Katz of Blood, Sweat and Tears, Shawn Gallaway, Rique', the Oh! Sullivans and others.  So keep an ear out for upcoming events.

I have performed live music for most of my life, both in Northeast Ohio and my native Upstate New York; my musical path has taken me to New York City, Washington, Hawaii, Lyon, Paris, Amman, and Geneva. I have written music for the stage, scored independent film, and produced two collections of music for children and their families. But the most important thing I have learned along the way about music is how it benefits anyone who allows it into their hearts. When used with good intentions, music strengthens, unites, consoles, inspires, entertains.…it almost never has no effect on the listener. Therefore, I thank Spirit every day for giving  music to the world, and for allowing me to become one of its messengers!

When I was asked to accept the role of music director of Unity Center of the Heights, I did so with equal amounts of excitement and trepidation; even though I was looking forward to serving in that capacity, I was a bit overwhelmed by the challenge of stepping into the role with as much dedication and commitment as my predecessor had shown. However, there was little time to worry about it! As the old showbiz adage goes, the show must go on -- and so it did!

What I should have realized was that my concern was misplaced.  What I had forgotten was that I hadn’t needed to worry about going down that path by myself. So many people have stepped up to contribute to our new musical direction; so many new possibilities for new voices, new sounds, new rhythms – all blending together to serve the message of our spiritual home, the home we call Unity Center.

Finally, I’d like to invite anyone with an interest in music to take part in whatever way you are moved to. Ideas for music are always welcome; furthermore, if you play a musical instrument and you are willing to share of your talents, please don’t be bashful! See me after a service, or drop me a line and we’ll set a time to chat. I look forward to making a joyful noise together!

Once a month, Rev. Tony takes a look at the spiritual and metaphysical meaning in some of our favorite songs from the 60’s, 70’s, and more recently.  This has become known as Rock-n-Roll Sunday.  If you have any suggestions or would like to participate, please let Rev. Tony know. Or just come join in the fun and the excitement, hearing an uplifting message along with some awesome music!  Complete with the UCH Band and a variety of performers, Rock & Roll Sunday is a “groovy” way to spend a Sunday morning.  Rock On!

For those of you who prefer to listen, please know that we are seeking professional soloists and performers from within our congregation and from the community, who would like to come in and share their music.  So, if you know of any, please let me know.

Mr. Bruce Jennings,

The guest singers and musicians that Bruce brings to Unity Center are nothing less than professional.  The musicians that make up our band are some of Cleveland's finest and headline at many of the local venues.

Music plays a very important part in making Unity Center of the Heights what it is.  Music is among the items at the top of the list when people are asked what keeps them coming back to Unity Center, thanks to Bruce Jennings.