✬ Ushers and Greeters

Structure of Love in Service
The Love in Service Volunteer Program is guided by Spirit and directed by a Love In Service Ministry Team Coordinator.  It is comprised of several areas of Service Opportunities, each headed up by a Team Leader.  The  Team Coordinator is responsible for enrolling, training and support of the Team Leaders and each Team Leader is responsible for the enrolling, training and support of those who actively volunteer, the Team Members.

Purpose of Love in Service
First - To provide a means for people to express their God given talents, skills and abundance as a way of coming to know their true nature as the Perfect Child of God.
Second - To provide loving, joyous and effective support for all activities, special events, and services offered by Unity Center of the Heights.

Vision of Love in Service
Service, being an act of devotion to God, is indeed an honor.   Our Volunteer Ministry, Love In Service, is an opportunity that provides a means to render genuine, loving service to our Spiritual community.  Love In Service is a necessary part of our expansion as a community and your inner spiritual expansion as a part of this community.

Love In Service Coordinator

Laura Dyke

✬ Outreach
✬ Prayer
✬ Prosperity

Love in Service Ministry Teams

✬ Social & Hospitality
✬ Energy Healers
✬ Youth Education

✬ Facilities
✬ Membership
✬ Book Store

✬ Marketing
✬ Music
✬ Office