We include used like-new books marked at bargain prices. Indeed, all books are sold at below or near list prices (tax included in the price).

We have a large inventory of books and many other items to help you along your spiritual path or to purchase as gifts for others.   We look forward to sharing a good book with you.

 Our primary goal is to support our spiritual community with materials that enhance one’s journey along the spiritual path. We have a variety of Spiritual and Metaphysical books, CDs, DVDs, Music CDs, as well as gift items, which include pictures, framed calligraphy, jewelry, book thongs, charms, candles and other items. 

The UCH Book Store provides an open and inviting space for people to gather, converse, snack, browse the bookshelves, read, listen to music and relax. This is where we gather after each Sunday morning service. We are always open to suggestions on items to carry and will try to source and obtain special requests for you. Please contact us. And, as always, please visit us in the UCH Book Store at Unity Center of the Heights the next time you are near by. The Library and Used Book section allow you to borrow or purchase books for a love offering.

Rev. Dr. Walter Davis is responsible for our bookstore, along with several other volunteers. You are encouraged to come in and visit Unity Center of the Heights Bookstore. Browse, Borrow or Buy! You can also listen to music, sample the snacks and enjoy the company.