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ENROLLMENT - To participate in the Beyond Forgiveness weekend, you must complete and return the Participants Package, which you can download below.  Instruction for completion and the mailing address are included.   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  We look froward to serving you in your quest for more peace, love and joy at the next...Beyond Forgiveness Weekend.

The objective of an intensive is to generate an environment that causes you to stretch, to go beyond your normal way of being and operating. This intensive begins on Friday evening and goes until 11 pm, it starts again early Saturday morning and goes until 11 pm and resumes at 9 am Sunday, concluding late Sunday evening.  It other words, it compels you to not only think outside the box, it takes you outside of the box.

Part of its mechanism is to break down the barriers and defenses you use to maintain your box, your way of being, by requiring you to operate past what you think are your “normal” limits, both physical and psychological. It’s these limits that define your box, that define you as an individual ego. It is these limits that will be broken through during the intensive weekend, allowing you to emerge on the other side in a deeper relationship with the perfect and whole being you really are – The Perfect Child of God.

2016 – November 4th – 6th

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You will not find a more forgiving, nonjudgmental, unconditionally loving and peaceful space. One purpose of Beyond Forgiveness is to give you access to that space as a way of being and a way of living.

A unique part of Beyond Forgiveness is the Angels. Not the "Heavenly" kind, though some would say otherwise. You will have your own personal Angel with you for the entire weekend.  Your Angel is someone who, like yourself, has had their Forgiveness "challenges" and has gotten Beyond them. Not all of their Forgiveness challenges yet... after all, they have some more living to do.  But they have the tools and, more importantly, the experience that gives them the power to take responsibility and get Beyond them through Forgiveness... Extreme Forgiveness...Beyond Forgiveness. Your Angel has demonstrated that they not only have the principles and concepts of Beyond Forgiveness intellectually, but they are continuing to integrate them into their way of being. They are experiencing more peace, love and joy in their lives as a result, and that is what they would love to share with you.

Rev. Tony Senf

Student or third household family member


Friday: 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

DISTINCTIONS -  One of the most subtle and yet most powerful techniques used by A Course In Miracles is establishing new distinctions for words that many of us grew up with and guided our lives by. Words like Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, Heaven, Christ, mind, body, emotions, ego, time, the world, life, death, healing, sin and, of course, forgiveness and many more. Once you grasp the distinctions, the Course begins speaking directly to your heart and becomes very practical in its application. You then have a whole new way of understanding and viewing yourself and reality.

Beyond Forgiveness uses the distinctions of A Course In Miracles along with other new distinctions to generate a conversation as free of the past as possible. This opens our awareness to the guidance of our Inner Teacher and to the before unseen possibilities that exist for our lives. Now the constraints of the past disappear and a new way of life emerges. If you can carry on a conversation, then you can go Beyond Forgiveness.

Beyond Forgiveness is an intensive experiential weekend* based on advanced forgiveness, as taught by A Course In Miracles.  We have come to call the process Extreme Forgiveness. The weekend is conducted as an inquiry into the beliefs that influence our lives and bring about our pain and suffering, where those beliefs come from, and how to transform those beliefs experientially.  We use structured conversation around a series of exercises to produce a transformational experience. The objective is to have you leave the weekend with some tools and techniques you can use to make extreme forgiveness a part of your everyday existence and your way of being, which will bring more peace, love and joy into your life.  Ask those who have taken it.

The methodology is one of integrating abstract metaphysical ideals with experience by creating a new conversation, comprised of new distinctions for familiar terms, within the context of transformation. This, in turn, produces an opening for an experience of true forgiveness and peace at a higher level of mind and consciousness.  This leads to a life of more peace, love and joy. The results of a Beyond Forgiveness weekend are very "individual," profound and duplicateable.  The "individual" part will be your own personal way of experiencing a life with more love of being, more joy of doing and more peace of mind.  As there is no charge to retake the  Beyond Forgiveness weekend, it has been referred to as:


 *Intensive Experiential Workshop

CHANGE - Beyond Forgiveness is not at all concerned with change. Change is always about more, better, different, and involves a complex story about why, because and should, in the effort to become in the future. In other words, it’s based in the past. As it says in the Workbook of ACIM, Lesson 8:

            “My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.”

That’s why the effects of change are minimal and short-lived at best.  It is only by letting go of the past, through Extreme Forgiveness, that anyone can move past the temporary effects of change.

Rev. Susan Haberland




PREREQUISITES - Because Beyond Forgiveness is based on the principles of A Course In Miracles and adheres as closely as possibly to its metaphysics, we request that you read or reread the PREFACE and INTRODUCTION toA Course In Miracles. It will serve to give you an overview of the foundation on which Beyond Forgiveness is structured and will be presented. It would also help to review Lessons 7-9 in the Workbook of ACIM.  In addition, click on the ACIM button on this site and read the information on that page as well.

,TRANSFORMATION - Transformation is a phenomenon that occurs in mind, where the Course says all healing occurs, and is radiated to the effects of mind, better known as the intellect, the emotions, and the body. Transformation works at the level of cause, where being exists. This new way of being produces a new way of living and an ever increasing ability to truly forgive and see the “real world.”