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You will have a member of our Prayer Ministry praying for your request personally.

The warmth and devotion of our volunteers is the heart of Unity Center


6:00 -7:30

Free Reiki Treatments Available During Service

Out of the Matrix

April 24, 25 & 26th

Our Sunday morning services, which start at 10:30 a.m., are inspirational as well as fun and filled with magnificent music to stimulate your spiritual senses and are typically 90 minutes (+-). 

We invite you to join us and together let us
open to the Love and Grace that seek us.



Creating Holy Relationships

Date TBA

Beyond Forgiveness

Sept. 11th – 13th

Tuesdays 7:00 – 8:30

We are sustained by your

free-will contributions,
and we are Grateful.

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 A Course
In Miracles

Study Groups

Music is a very important part of Unity Center.  We invite you to find out more.

Unity Center of the Heights (UCH) is devoted to providing a space of Divine Love, a Love that includes all races, all social, economic and educational levels, all nationalities, all religions and sexual preferences…in short, all people.  We hold that Divine Love is all inclusive and cannot, by its very nature, exclude anyone, anytime, any place, for any reason – ever.

MISSION:  Our mission is to support everyone in remembering their Divine nature, their True Identity as the Perfect Child of God.  We believe in practical application of universal spiritual principles to manifest a life of peace, love and joy and offer educational classes, study groups and support groups to assist in this process. 

Please explore our website and view our Calendar for the Activities and Events.  Investigate the way in which Spirit is leading  UCH to express and demonstrate the eternal Truth of our being and all that we have to offer to support you in your spiritual journey. We trust that if it speaks to your heart, we will be seeing you soon.

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